Removal Proceedings
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There are more than fifty Immigration Courts in the United States in which more than 200 judges adjudicate immigration matters. Our office specializes in assisting immigrants defend their right to remain in the United States. Our highly knowledgeable attorneys will represent you at every stage to successfully obtain your right to live in the United States lawfully. An Immigration Judge decision is final unless timely appealed to the Board of Immigration Appeals or successfully reopened.

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The Board of Immigration Appeals is the highest administrative body for interpreting and applying immigration laws. The Board of Immigration Appeals is located in Falls Church, Virginia. Our office is extremely successful in overturning adverse Immigration Judge decisions as well as reopening prior adverse Board of Immigration Appeals decisions.

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Our office has been especially successful in seeking reopening of prior deportation or removal orders considered final by the Immigration Court and Board of Immigration Appeals. Success in reopening will allow you the opportunity to have your applications for relief heard before the Immigration Court with proper legal representation.

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Although a Board of Immigration Appeals decision is considered final, in addition to the possibility of reopening, certain immigration matters may be properly presented to the Federal District Court or United States Court of Appeals. Our office has extensive experience and success in sophisticated appellate advocacy.